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When a part-time superhero meets a tech-savvy stranger, he seizes the opportunity to form the world's first superhero team. But can he convince the others to join?


Team-up is a short film written and produced by Myke Hall / Unaccredited Media and the Glasgow Film Crew. It was directed by Graeme Cassels and edited by Jo Osborne, and it explores the themes of hero worship, creative collaboration, and the realisation of dreams.


The film was shot over six and a half production days, at four different locations in Glasgow, Scotland, including the rooftops of Govanhill Baths and Skypark business centre. The total spent budget was £797.67, with much more value provided in-kind by the 42 members of cast and crew.


Tech entrepreneur Kyle Smith wants to be a superhero, like the legendary Big Blue. So at night, he dresses up in yellow spandex and a ski mask and goes out into the streets looking for trouble, calling himself The Yellow Dart.


Distracted by his failing business, he takes a meeting in a pub with a quirky and mysterious man named Stewart Carter. It turns out Stewart has the blueprints for a device that allows spontaneous matter transport, also known as teleportation.


After a few drinks, Kyle reveals his unusual hobby to his new friend, but Stewart responds that he already knows, because he is an alien that can read people’s minds.


As the film opens, Kyle and Stuart are on the roof of the police station, shining a light into the sky, to try and attract the scariest superhero out there. They’ll need all the help they can get if they want to recruit Big Blue and form the world’s first superhero team.





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