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Mona and the Stations of the Cross

Next Wednesday 25th May, Glasgow Film Crew are hosting a Pre-screening event for the short film, Mona and the Stations of the Cross. The event is an opportunity to view the film, created by Random Clock Film Productions, before it is submitted to film festivals or officially released. Mona and the Stations of the Cross is a ten-minute short starring theatrical actress Miranda Langley, dealing with love, jealousy, and prayer.

To give you a taste of the film, we asked John Perivolaris to tell us a bit about how the film got made:

I approached C.J. Lazaretti, writer and editor of the film, suggesting to make a short film that’s under 10 minutes, but follows the story structure you only find in films that last just under two hours. C.J. brought up the script formula introduced in Save the Cat, a prominent book in screenwriting that we’ve both read inside-out, and I liked the idea so much I commissioned him on the spot.

In the meantime, I started attending the weekly meet-ups of Glasgow Film Crew, a Glasgow-based network for filmmakers to meet and work together. As soon as the script was finished, I begun approaching people during the weekly meet-ups, and in no time I had put together a team comprising some extremely talented individuals.

The rest of the production process saw me rehearsing with the lead actress, storyboarding each shot, and losing sleep over scheduling and other tasks a producer has to plow through.

A laborious affair, as I became obsessed in being as prepared as it’s humanly possible, but it did pay off in the end, when we finished principal photography a day ahead of schedule.

Taking place at The Flying Duck (142 Renfield Street, G2 3AU), at 19:00 on Wed 25th May 2016, the screening will be followed by a Questions and Answers session with the film’s Director John Perivolaris, and end with open media-industry networking. Entry costs £3 on the door.

Check out the Facebook Event:

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