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Just because it's written doesn't mean it's true.

Can the power of Christ cure blindness? What is the secret to turning water into wine? Ruthless talk show host Mary Malone interviews the one and only Jesus of Nazareth (if that is even his real name) to cut through centuries of misunderstandings, debunking the miraculous stories we all know and love (but understand so little of). A mini-mythbuster of biblical proportions, Scripture Screw-Up is a comic cautionary tale for believers, unbelievers and everyone in between.

About the director:

Jasmine Lindemann is a freelance producer based in Glasgow, UK. She has worked in a range of British and Australian short films, as well as stage shows, LGBT cabaret, stand-up comedy and opera productions. Short film Scripture Screw-Up is her directorial debut.


Trailer - Scripture Screw-Up

Trailer - Scripture Screw-Up

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Jesus Christ

Chris McLeish


Mary Malone

Jasmine Lindemann


Directed and Produced by

Jasmine Lindemann

Cinematography by

Calum Menzies

Luis Maurizzio


Written & Film Editing by 

C.J. Lazaretti


Assistant Director

Susan McWhirter


Assistant Producer & Sound Recording/Mixing

Craig Andrew Robertson


Costume by

Jenny Beck


Shot in Glasgow, UK.

© 2019 Jasmine Lindemann. All rights reserved

A JL Stage & Screen Production

In association with the Glasgow Film Crew


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