*** Glasgow Short Film Festival 2017 Official Selection ***
*** Blueprint 2017 Official Selection***


A burned-out, radical blues musician finds out about the passing of his estranged, conservative father, and also about an odd last request.

Produced and Directed by David McCarrison
Written by Evan Migliozzi and Gerry Byron
Edited by C.J Lazaretti
Music by Christopher Belsey and Kae Remmer
Starring Tawny Smith-Meek and Jennifer Wilson
With Paul Dillon, John Burke, John Wilde, and Brian Lawson
Special Thanks to Jo Osborne
Dedicated to Alec Paterson (1936-2016)



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Last Request | Short Film

Depicts Jennifer Wilson as Dwight's sister Vicky, she is the catalyst for Dwight's attempt at inner criticism. She is the woman talking sense in an angry, and bitter squabble between Dwight and his Father.