Wine and Roses (and Wine)
Scripture Screw-Up
Bigger Dolls
Why We Smoke
Tanner Park
Team Up
The Beclowning
Last Request
The Turtle Terminator
The Distances Between
The Distances Between poster. A film by Aimie Willemse.
The Last Equinox
Reflections of a Private Eye
Rainbow Cups
48 Hour Film Projects
'Twas the Fight Before Christmas
The Man Who Kept Hearing His Name
Micro Shorts
Should I Still Love You
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This is a platform for Independent filmmakers to collaborate and socialise. Our focus is to be creative and actually produce content in a variety of forms. Whether you are looking for a way into the industry, or just looking to learn about filmmaking and get involved - this is your chance to actually start working towards your goal and have some fun at the same time - All we ask for is enthusiasm and a passion for filmmaking.


Glasgow Film Crew is a group of passionate filmmakers with various levels of experience ranging from hobbyists to industry professionals. We are looking for actors, writers, directors, producers, editors, camera operators, gaffers, musicians, composers, colour graders, and anyone else who wants to get their hands dirty making films.


We meet every week in the city centre of Glasgow. This is an informal way to introduce yourself to the group and get talking to other members. You can find out what projects are in production or even start your own! These meetings are organised on meetup.com and can sometimes change depending on circumstances. So please check it out there before starting your adventure.
Glasgow Film Crew is free to join!




Join us! We meet every week, find out where and when by becoming a member on our meetup page. Keep up to date with all things Glasgow Film Crew by liking our Facebook page.





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Glasgow Film Crew - Xmas 2016

Filmmakers from the Glasgow Film Crew making their best professional head shot poses.